What we do for companies of all sizes and types.

Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company, MEC Realty Associates is organized to deliver truly integrated solutions to meet your unique needs.

Advisory services.

Advisory services include:

Delivering insight and strategies for achieving your business goals.

Our consulting team collaborates with you to determine your business real estate strategic goals. Then, they uncover and assess improvement possibilities before offering suggestions and action plans to help you accomplish your short- and long-term objectives.

Projects are complex.
Without the right expertise.

Mitigate risks and meet business goals. Missing deadlines or exceeding budgets is not just an issue for the project team; it’s disruptive to your business and profits. At MEC Realty Associates, we start every project with strong, expert leadership so our clients have a high level of confidence from the onset. Applying our deep experience and market knowledge, we help our clients define their business and project goals—from vision to completion.

Project Management

Project management services include:

Transaction Management

Transaction management services include:

We reduce occupancy expenses while increasing flexibility.

Managing all types of portfolios across asset types and geographies while the market fluctuates and business needs change is difficult and complex.

We reduce overall occupancy costs and increasing flexibility. We also have long-term transaction strategies that support your business goals.

Property Management

Property management services include:

We improve your property performance and your bottom line.

MEC Realty Associates commercial property management services help you reach your real estate investment goals. The performance of real estate assets is measured through improved valuations, funds from operations, tenant retention and return on investment.

If MEC Realty Associates manages your real estate assets, you will make a significant contribution to your bottom line.

Lease Administration

Lease administration services include:

Providing meaningful insights and data for real estate decisions.

We have acquired the methodology and expertise necessary to meet our clients’ various portfolio management needs, ranging from straightforward to distinctive and complicated, via years of successful commercial real estate lease administration.

Our administration of commercial real estate leases is based on industry best practices. A skilled and knowledgeable real estate professionals, top-notch lease administration software and technology solutions, a solid methodology, and a quality control-based environment are employed to deliver services.


We serve
Several Types Of

Property Types Services include: Leasing and Sales.